Dresses for wedding guests 2016

wedding guest dresses 2016

Hello! Remember, I said that as a guest at a wedding, I was only three times. First time – 13 years at the wedding of my father’s first cousin, and there is almost nothing I do not remember, except that in the church wedding was very long, and a banquet was held in some wooden restaurant. Then twice – even during my wedding activities in weddings have girlfriends. And on June 28, I again went to a wedding as a guest. About my girlfriend Anya I wrote. When I was getting ready for her wedding, I was plagued by the same issues that the ordinary guests “how to hold a bachelorette party”, “what to give young people”, “What is going to the wedding.”

Dress for wedding party guest 2016

For the first two topics we have already spoken, and today Let us dress choice.

winter wedding guest dresses 2016

Why only dress? Well, men are much simpler: either a tuxedo or suit or pants with a shirt. Select here especially not from what. But the dresses. There is much to ponder. By the way, you can wear to the wedding and evening trousers with a blouse and a smart suit and a skirt with a top, but we will consider the classic dresses. As they say: “I am – a girl, I want to dress!”

Dress code for wedding guests – not a simple matter, even when it appears, and even more so when it is not specified. Consider both options.

Dress code for wedding guests 2016

When you receive the invitation, which contains the dress, you think too much about. You will learn, which means a white tie, black tie, after5 or of casual, and, accordingly, pick an evening dress to the floor, elegant cocktail dress or a summer dress. Here everything seems clear.

dresses for a wedding guests

But what to do when no code is given a dress? Or Set just color. First of all, it is necessary to follow three basic rules: look festive, do not wear white, and to forget about the jeans.

The white wedding may just be the bride. Remember this. When one of the guests appears in a white dress, the bride is very unnerving. It is not necessary to create her competition on her own wedding.

Dresses for wedding guests 2016

Jeans are the wedding can not wear ever, even if it by Dolce & Gabbana. The exception is the denim wedding, but to my mind, this has not yet happened.

Under the “festive look” I mean: do not wear very bright, fairly elegant and the bounds of decency (not too short, not super clear, with no neck to the navel, not crumpled or dirty) clothes.

Why am I here so zealously about saying this? Last week I looked for one’s star wedding and had the pleasure of watching some of the guests in the wrong clothes. Of course, I understand that the show-business representatives use every occasion to PR, the latter in life, and try as much as possible to light up. But, people, it’s a wedding, has a conscience after all.

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